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Who Is the Killer in Open House?

The Netflix original film, “Open House,” is a psychological thriller that had audiences on the edge of their seats when it was released in 2018. The story revolves around a mother and son who move into a relative’s vacant house after a tragedy. As they try to rebuild their lives, they soon discover that they are not alone in the house. Creepy occurrences and unexplained events lead to a suspenseful climax. One of the biggest questions that arises from watching the film is: who is the killer in “Open House”?

The film intentionally leaves the identity of the killer ambiguous, allowing viewers to come up with their own theories and interpretations. Throughout the movie, there are several suspicious characters that could potentially be the culprit. While the film never explicitly reveals the killer’s identity, there are some plausible theories.

1. Was it Logan, the son’s friend?
Logan’s character is shrouded in mystery, and it is hinted that he may have ulterior motives. However, there is not enough evidence to definitively label him as the killer.

2. Could it be Martha, the nosy neighbor?
Martha displays odd behavior and a strange fascination with the main characters. Although she may seem suspicious, there is no concrete evidence that points to her as the killer.

3. Is it the estranged father?
The father’s absence throughout the film raises suspicion. However, there is no substantial proof that he is responsible for the mysterious events in the house.

4. Did the mother’s ex-boyfriend have a hand in it?
The ex-boyfriend’s sudden appearance and threatening behavior make him a potential suspect. Nonetheless, there is no direct evidence linking him to the crimes.

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5. Could it be the ghost of the deceased relative?
The film heavily relies on supernatural elements, making the idea of a vengeful spirit a possibility. However, this theory remains open to interpretation.

6. Was it a stranger?
The film hints at the possibility of a random intruder being responsible for the unsettling events. This theory provides a sense of unpredictability but lacks concrete evidence.

7. Could it be an accumulation of all the characters’ actions?
It is possible that the film’s intention was to blur the lines between reality and paranoia, suggesting that the killer could be a combination of all the characters’ actions and motives.

In conclusion, “Open House” purposefully leaves the question of who the killer is unanswered. The film’s ambiguity allows viewers to engage in discussions and debates, fueling the suspense and intrigue surrounding the story. The lack of a clear resolution adds to the overall psychological impact of the film. Whether the killer is one specific character or a culmination of multiple individuals, “Open House” succeeds in keeping audiences guessing until the very end.