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Who Is Mr House Based On?

Mr House is a character in the popular video game, Fallout: New Vegas. He is the mysterious and powerful ruler of New Vegas, a post-apocalyptic city located in the Mojave Desert. While Mr House is a fictional character, he is believed to be based on several real-life individuals and concepts.

1. Is Mr House based on Howard Hughes?
One of the strongest influences on Mr House’s character is Howard Hughes, an American business tycoon, aviator, and filmmaker. Like Mr House, Hughes was known for his eccentric behavior, reclusive lifestyle, and vast wealth.

2. Did Robert A. Heinlein inspire Mr House?
Robert A. Heinlein, an American science fiction writer, is another possible inspiration for Mr House. Heinlein’s novel “The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress” features a character named Mycroft Holmes, who shares similarities with Mr House in terms of intelligence, manipulation, and technological prowess.

3. Was Nikola Tesla an inspiration?
Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor and futurist, is often associated with Mr House due to his groundbreaking work in electricity and technology. Tesla’s vision of a futuristic society powered by clean energy aligns with Mr House’s plans for New Vegas.

4. Is Mr House similar to Andrew Ryan from Bioshock?
While not directly influenced by Andrew Ryan, the creator of the underwater city Rapture in the video game Bioshock, Mr House shares certain characteristics with him. Both characters are visionary leaders who strive for autonomy and control in their respective cities.

5. Is Mr House based on Walt Disney?
Some players have drawn comparisons between Mr House and Walt Disney due to their shared desire to create a utopian society. However, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that Disney directly influenced Mr House’s character.

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6. Did Frank Lloyd Wright inspire Mr House?
Frank Lloyd Wright, an American architect known for his innovative designs, is another potential influence on Mr House. Both figures had a grand vision for their respective projects and sought to shape the future through their creations.

7. Does Mr House draw inspiration from Ayn Rand?
The philosophy of Ayn Rand, particularly her book “Atlas Shrugged,” is often associated with Mr House’s ideology. Rand’s belief in individualism and laissez-faire capitalism can be seen reflected in Mr House’s vision of a self-governed New Vegas.

8. Is Mr House based on H.P. Lovecraft’s characters?
While Lovecraftian themes are prevalent in the Fallout series, there is no direct connection between Mr House and H.P. Lovecraft’s characters. However, the concept of a powerful and ancient entity manipulating the world from the shadows is shared between Lovecraft’s work and Mr House’s character.

9. Is Mr House inspired by the concept of transhumanism?
Transhumanism, the idea of using technology to enhance human capabilities, is a recurring theme in Fallout: New Vegas and is embodied by Mr House. His preservation of his consciousness within a supercomputer and his desire to transcend human limitations align with the principles of transhumanism.

10. Did fictional characters like Iron Man and Lex Luthor influence Mr House?
Characters like Iron Man and Lex Luthor, known for their immense wealth, intelligence, and ambition, share similarities with Mr House. While it is possible that these characters indirectly influenced Mr House, there is no direct correlation.

11. Does Mr House represent the embodiment of a technocratic society?
Mr House’s vision for New Vegas can be interpreted as a technocratic society, where technology and scientific progress drive governance. His reliance on advanced technology and artificial intelligence to control and maintain his city supports this interpretation.

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In conclusion, Mr House is a complex character in Fallout: New Vegas, drawing inspiration from various real-life individuals and concepts. From Howard Hughes to Nikola Tesla, Robert A. Heinlein to Ayn Rand, each influence contributes to the multifaceted personality of Mr House, making him a compelling and enigmatic figure in the game.