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Where Was the House in The Choice Filmed?

“The Choice” is a romantic drama film based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel of the same name. Released in 2016, the movie tells the story of Travis Parker and Gabby Holland, two neighbors who fall in love amidst a series of life-changing events. Set in the coastal town of Beaufort, North Carolina, the film showcases stunning scenery and a charming house that serves as a focal point for many key moments. But where was this house actually filmed?

The iconic house featured in “The Choice” is known as the “Parker House” in the film. While the story is set in Beaufort, the actual filming location took place in Wilmington, North Carolina. Wilmington is a popular destination for filmmakers due to its picturesque landscapes and historic architecture, making it a perfect fit for “The Choice.”

The Parker House is situated in the Landfall neighborhood, which overlooks the Intracoastal Waterway. This elegant mansion, with its wide verandas and stunning waterfront views, perfectly captures the essence of the setting described in Nicholas Sparks’ novel. The filmmakers chose this location to create a visually captivating backdrop for the love story between Travis and Gabby.

Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions about the filming location of “The Choice.”


1. Is the Parker House a real place?
No, the Parker House is a fictional location created for the film.

2. Can I visit the Parker House?
Since the Parker House is a fictional location, it does not exist in real life. However, you can visit Landfall in Wilmington, where the filming took place.

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3. Can I go inside the house?
As the Parker House does not exist in reality, you cannot go inside it.

4. Are there any other famous films shot in Wilmington, North Carolina?
Yes, Wilmington has been a popular filming location for various movies and TV shows, including “Dawson’s Creek” and “One Tree Hill.”

5. Is the Landfall neighborhood open to the public?
While the Landfall neighborhood is private property, you can still visit the area and enjoy its beautiful surroundings.

6. Can I rent the Parker House for events or vacations?
Since the Parker House is a fictional location, it is not available for rent.

7. Are there any guided tours of the filming locations in Wilmington?
Yes, there are guided tours available that take you to various filming locations in Wilmington, including those featured in “The Choice.”

8. Can I take pictures outside the Parker House?
As the Parker House is not a real place, there is nothing to photograph. However, you can capture the beauty of Landfall and the surrounding area.

9. Are there any other notable landmarks in Wilmington?
Wilmington boasts many historic landmarks, including the USS North Carolina Battleship Memorial and the Cape Fear Riverwalk.

10. Are there any specific scenes from “The Choice” filmed in Wilmington?
Several scenes were filmed in Wilmington, including the ones featuring Travis and Gabby’s house and the nearby beach.

11. Can I visit Beaufort, North Carolina, where the story is set?
Yes, Beaufort is a real town in North Carolina that you can visit and explore. While the filming did not take place there, you can still experience the charm and beauty of the setting described in the book and depicted in the film.

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In conclusion, while the Parker House in “The Choice” may not be a real place, its filming location in Wilmington, North Carolina, offers visitors a chance to experience the stunning scenery and historic charm that made it a perfect backdrop for this romantic drama. Whether visiting Landfall or exploring the beautiful town of Beaufort, fans of the film can immerse themselves in the world of Travis and Gabby while enjoying the picturesque landscapes of coastal North Carolina.