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Lending Tree Home Equity Line of Credit Review

Lending Tree’s ability to connect you with multiple loan offers mean that it has greater flexibility than any other company we reviewed. This flexibility makes them the best option for home equity loans.

What We Learned


Lending Tree connects you with multiple loan providers, and works to match you with the right home equity loan for you.


minimum loan amount that Leading Tree works with is quite high, and may be more
than customers want to borrow.



Detailed Review

Lending Tree is one of the best places to start searching for a home equity loan. Rather than making a direct offer, Lending Tree takes your information and shops a number of loan providers. As a result, loan providers compete for your business, allowing you to get the best home equity loan to fit your particular situation.

Moreover, Lending Tree has some sub-prime lenders, which is a boon to those who might have had some credit trouble in the past. Consequentially, Lending Tree covers a much broader customer base than many of the other home equity loan companies we looked at.

Rates and Fees

Lending Tree does not directly offer home equity loans, they broker them. Therefore you will get a wide range of rates and a number of different fee structures, because each loan you view is a different product and could come from a different company entirely.  This is one of Lending Tree’s best strengths, as you can inspect a number of offers and find a rate and fee structure that works for you.

Another bonus for Lending Tree is that many of the lenders do not have closing costs or application fees. This means more money saved for you. However, every lender on Lending Tree works differently, so it is important to make sure that you fully understand the home equity loan terms specific to the offer you are considering.



Because Lending Tree is a broker, they do the hard work of sorting through the offers that you are eligible for, saving time on the search and because you won’t inspect a home equity loan only to find out that you do not qualify for it. Lending Tree takes information that lenders want, like the loan-to-value ratio and your debt to income ratio to help match you with the right lender.

Loan Requirements

Lending tree offers both traditional home equity loans as well as home equity credit lines. A traditional loan gives you a lump sum of money up front, whereas a home equity credit line consists of a line of credit you can withdraw from as needed.

The longest terms that Lending Tree offers are 30 years, but certain individuals may qualify for 15 or 5 year loan terms. Home equity lines of credit are active for 5-10 years, depending on the specific loan.


Customer Experience

Customers have reported positive experiences when working with Lending Tree. They were particularly impressed with Lending Tree’s over-the-phone customer service, and the help they could receive to better understand the application, qualification, and lending process.

When filling out an application for Lending Tree you first go through a pre-qualification process that collects all of your basic information in order to do a broad sort of the loans that you do and don’t qualify for. Lending Tree then gives you links to access the products that you do qualify for so that you can make the best home equity loan decision. Customers should expect 3-5 weeks for underwriting. One drawback is that Lending Tree does not have physical branches where you go can and speak to someone in person.


Lending Tree offers more choices which lets you compare loans to make sure you make the best financial decision. The ability to sort through multiple different offers, the time saved with the pre-qualification process, and the helpful customer service make them the best home equity loan company we looked at.

NMLS # 1136 and T&C apply