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How to Make a Lawn Mower Go Fast

A typical lawn mower is designed to provide a smooth and efficient mowing experience. However, for those seeking a bit more thrill and speed, there are ways to make your lawn mower go fast. Before attempting any modifications, keep in mind that altering the speed of your lawn mower may void its warranty and can be dangerous if not done properly. Here are some steps to help you safely increase the speed of your lawn mower:

1. Safety First: Always wear protective gear such as safety goggles, gloves, and sturdy shoes when working on your lawn mower.

2. Remove Excess Weight: Remove any unnecessary attachments, bags, or accessories that add weight to your lawn mower. Reducing weight will help increase its speed.

3. Increase Engine Power: Consider upgrading your lawn mower’s engine to a more powerful one. Consult with a professional to ensure compatibility and proper installation.

4. Clean the Air Filter: A dirty air filter can restrict airflow to the engine, reducing its performance. Regularly clean or replace the air filter to maintain optimal speed.

5. Sharpen the Blades: Dull blades can cause the engine to work harder, decreasing overall speed. Sharpen the blades regularly to ensure efficient cutting and increased speed.

6. Adjust the Carburetor: Fine-tuning the carburetor for a leaner fuel mixture can improve acceleration and speed. Seek professional assistance or refer to the mower’s manual for guidance.

7. Upgrade the Exhaust System: A high-performance exhaust system can improve airflow and boost speed. Look for aftermarket options specifically designed for your lawn mower model.

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8. Modify the Governor: The governor controls the maximum engine speed. Adjusting or disabling it can increase the top speed of your lawn mower. Exercise caution and refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

9. Install a Performance Air Filter and Exhaust: Upgrading to a performance air filter and exhaust system can enhance engine efficiency and increase speed. Ensure compatibility with your lawn mower model.

10. Use High-Octane Fuel: Using high-octane fuel can provide a slight increase in speed and performance. Check your lawn mower’s manual to determine the appropriate fuel type.

11. Regular Maintenance: Regularly maintain your lawn mower by changing the oil, cleaning the spark plugs, and performing other routine maintenance tasks. A well-maintained mower will perform at its best.


1. Will modifying my lawn mower void its warranty?
Modifications to your lawn mower can potentially void the warranty. Check your warranty terms or consult the manufacturer before making any alterations.

2. Can I increase the speed of an electric lawn mower?
Electric lawn mowers typically have set speeds, controlled by the manufacturer. It is not recommended to modify their speed as it may damage the motor or electrical components.

3. How much can I expect the top speed to increase?
The increase in speed will vary depending on the modifications made and the lawn mower’s initial capabilities. Some modifications may only provide a marginal increase while others can significantly boost speed.

4. Are there any legal restrictions on lawn mower speed?
Local regulations may apply to the maximum speed of lawn mowers in certain areas. Check your local laws before attempting to increase the speed of your mower.

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5. Can I use a lawn mower for racing purposes?
Racing lawn mowers is a popular sport, but it requires specific modifications and safety precautions. Consult with racing associations or experts in the field for guidance.

6. Will modifying my lawn mower affect its cutting performance?
Some modifications may affect the cutting performance of your lawn mower. It is essential to strike a balance between speed and functionality.

7. Can I use nitrous oxide to increase speed?
Using nitrous oxide or other performance-enhancing substances is highly dangerous and not recommended. It can cause severe damage to your lawn mower and pose a significant safety risk.

8. Is it necessary to hire a professional for modifications?
While some modifications can be done independently, seeking professional assistance ensures proper installation and minimizes the risk of damage or injury.

9. Are there any risks associated with increasing the speed of a lawn mower?
Increasing the speed of a lawn mower can result in loss of control, accidents, and potential injury. Always prioritize safety and exercise caution when making modifications.

10. Is it worth investing in modifications for a faster lawn mower?
The worthiness of modifications depends on personal preference and needs. If you enjoy speed and have a suitable environment for faster mowing, it may be worth considering.

11. Can I reverse the modifications if I’m not satisfied with the results?
In most cases, modifications can be reversed, but it is essential to carefully document the process and keep track of the original parts.