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How to Get Rid of House Finches: 11 FAQs Answered

House finches, scientifically known as Haemorhous mexicanus, are small, colorful birds commonly found in North America. While they may be cherished by birdwatchers, some homeowners find them to be a nuisance due to their nesting habits and potential damage to property. If you’re facing an infestation of house finches and seeking effective strategies to get rid of them, this article is for you. Read on to find answers to 11 frequently asked questions about dealing with house finches.


1. Why are house finches attracted to my property?
House finches are attracted to areas with ample food sources, water, and shelter. Bird feeders, bird baths, and dense shrubbery can make your property more appealing to them.

2. Are house finches harmful to humans?
House finches are not harmful to humans. However, their droppings can carry diseases, so it’s important to clean up any areas where they have nested.

3. How can I prevent house finches from nesting on my property?
To discourage house finches from nesting, remove any potential nesting sites such as loose siding, gaps in eaves, or uncapped chimney flues. Regularly clean gutters and remove debris that can offer them shelter.

4. Can I use physical barriers to deter house finches?
Yes, physical barriers like netting or wire mesh can be effective in preventing house finches from accessing certain areas. Ensure that the barriers are properly installed and maintained.

5. Are there any natural deterrents for house finches?
House finches are deterred by certain smells, including peppermint and citrus. Placing cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil or citrus peels near their nesting areas may discourage them.

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6. Will loud noises scare away house finches?
Loud noises can startle house finches temporarily, but they may return once they become accustomed to the noise. Using sound deterrents intermittently might be more effective.

7. Can I use bird repellents to get rid of house finches?
There are bird repellents available in the market that can deter house finches. However, it’s essential to choose products that are safe for birds and the environment.

8. How can I make my bird feeders less appealing to house finches?
House finches are particularly attracted to sunflower seeds. Switching to feeders with smaller seed openings or using seed mixes without sunflower seeds can reduce their interest.

9. Are there any legal restrictions on removing house finches?
House finches are protected by federal law, and it is illegal to harm or kill them without a permit. It’s important to focus on deterrent methods that do not cause harm.

10. Will removing bird feeders solve the problem?
Removing bird feeders may reduce the number of house finches frequenting your property, but they can still be attracted to other food sources. Implementing additional deterrents is recommended.

11. When should I seek professional help?
If you have tried various methods and the house finch infestation persists, it may be time to consult a professional pest control service with experience in bird control.

In conclusion, while house finches can be charming creatures, they can also cause problems for homeowners. By implementing the appropriate deterrents, such as removing potential nesting sites, using physical barriers, and utilizing natural or commercial repellents, you can effectively discourage house finches from making your property their home. Remember to prioritize humane methods and consult professionals if needed to ensure a peaceful coexistence with these colorful birds.

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