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How Do You Get a House in BitLife?

BitLife is a popular life simulation game that allows players to experience various aspects of virtual life, including buying and owning properties. Getting a house in BitLife can be an exciting endeavor, and this article will guide you through the process. Additionally, we have compiled a list of 11 frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding acquiring houses in BitLife. So let’s dive in!

To get a house in BitLife, you need to follow these steps:

1. Start a new life: Begin by creating or selecting a character and starting a new life in BitLife.

2. Age appropriately: As your character grows older, you will need to reach a certain age to be able to buy a house. This age requirement varies depending on your country, so keep an eye on it.

3. Earn money: To purchase a house, you will need to save up enough money. Focus on finding a good career path, earning promotions, and investing wisely to accumulate wealth.

4. Find a suitable property: Once you have enough money, head over to the Assets tab in the Activities section. Here, you can browse through various properties available for purchase.

5. Choose a house: Explore the different houses available and select the one that suits your budget and preferences. The cost and features of each house vary, so make sure to consider your finances and needs.

6. Purchase the house: After selecting a house, click on the “Buy this Property” button to finalize the purchase. The money will be deducted from your savings, and you will become the proud owner of a new house!

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7. Customize and maintain: Once you have a house, you can customize it by renovating, decorating, and adding new features. Keep an eye on the house’s condition and carry out regular maintenance to ensure it remains in good shape.

8. Enjoy your new home: Congratulations! You now have a house in BitLife. Enjoy the perks of homeownership, such as throwing parties, hosting events, and creating a comfortable living space.

Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions about acquiring houses in BitLife:


1. Can I buy multiple houses in BitLife?
Yes, you can buy multiple houses in BitLife. Simply follow the same steps mentioned earlier to purchase additional properties.

2. Can I sell my house in BitLife?
No, currently, BitLife does not provide an option to sell your house once you’ve purchased it. Make sure to choose your house wisely!

3. Can I inherit a house in BitLife?
Yes, if your parents or relatives own a house and pass away, there is a chance you might inherit their property.

4. Can I rent out my house in BitLife?
No, at the moment, renting out your house to other BitLife characters is not a feature available in the game.

5. Can I get a mortgage to buy a house in BitLife?
No, BitLife does not include a mortgage feature. You must save up enough money to buy a house outright.

6. Can I buy a mansion in BitLife?
Yes, you can buy mansions in BitLife. Mansions are larger and more expensive properties, perfect for players looking for a luxurious lifestyle.

7. Can I move houses in BitLife?
No, once you purchase a house in BitLife, you cannot move to a different property. However, you can own multiple houses simultaneously.

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8. Can I live in an apartment in BitLife?
Yes, BitLife offers various types of properties, including apartments. Apartments are usually cheaper compared to houses or mansions.

9. Can I renovate my house in BitLife?
Yes, you can renovate your house in BitLife. Renovations allow you to change the appearance and features of your property.

10. Can I get a loan to buy a house in BitLife?
No, loans are not a feature in BitLife. You have to rely on your savings and income to purchase a house.

11. Can I own property in different countries in BitLife?
Yes, you can own properties in different countries in BitLife. Each country offers various houses and prices for players to explore.

In conclusion, getting a house in BitLife requires careful planning, saving money, and making informed decisions. Enjoy the process of purchasing and owning a property, and don’t forget to maintain and customize your house to your liking. Happy BitLife homeownership!