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Home Equity Line of Credit in South Carolina

South Carolina is the “Palmetto State” and has the motto – “While I Breathe I Hope.” When your house paint is starting to flake and your porch boards are starting to creak, it might be time for a Home Equity Line of Credit in South Carolina. Instead of merely breathing or hoping, it might be time for remodeling. Check out which South Carolina Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) financial products are available.

South Carolina Home Equity Line of Credit

home equityHow old are your windows? Are they still using the old type with a rope system for raising and lowering? Surely, you don’t have to wedge a stick underneath to keep it up, do you?

You know there are numerous energy-efficient windows on the market, don’t you? Some open up and some open down. You might want to look into the double pane variety. These are specially insulated to help you reduce your electricity bill.

Have you ever heard about the “tankless water heater?” These heat up the water, just when you need it – no rusted tanks full of cold water. You can save money with a variety of these Energy Star appliances.

Do you have a new baby in the family? Are you forcing your children to share bunk beds? Wouldn’t it be nice to add a new room onto your home?

How about a breakfast nook? Those are great places for enjoying your orange juice, cereal and fruit, in the morning sunlight. Do you have a kitchen island? These give your wife more room to cook. Well, why not? Maybe, you are a little short of cash.

home equityWell, now you can Keep up with the Joneses. They have probably already signed up for a South Carolina Home Equity Line of Credit. Why don’t you? It doesn’t hurt to compares rates, does it? Get more money in your pockets for much-needed home repairs and renovations.

South Carolina Housing Market

The State of South Carolina is well-known for its great oceanfront property, such as Myrtle Beach. According to Zillow, the median home value for South Carolina on March 6, 2017 was $142,600. The median Zillow Home Value Index (ZHVI) for Rock Hill was $142,900 and for Lexington was $149,600. The Charleston area enjoyed a median ZHVI of $269,000.

South Carolina Banks Offering Home Equity Line of Credit

south carolinaThere are plenty of South Carolina banks willing to offer HELOCs. Here is a partial list: BB&T, First Citizens Bank, Regions Bank and SunTrust. Compare their rates and monthly payments. Does that fit your budget?

When you find a well-fitting Home Equity Line of Credit in South Carolina, you can make those much-needed repairs. You can ensure that your home will last for a good long time. Make those upgrades, which you have always dreamed of. Live the American Dream.

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