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Home Equity Line of Credit in California

“Go West, Young Man!” For centuries, the State of California has been the beacon of hope, progress and opportunities. Now, if you live in the “Golden State,” you might need a little cash in your pockets to repair your beautiful home. The Home Equity Line of Credit in California can help you continue to live the good life.

Improving Your Home in California

When you live in Cali, you can’t do things like other people. You need a large mansion with wide open doors, plenty of windows and a pool. Do you have all of that? If you don’t, then you might look into a Home Equity Line of Credit in California.

home equityAre your children complaining about not having a basketball court? You know that the Lakers left Minneapolis for Los Angeles, don’t you? How will your child play for the Lakers without a basketball court? Wouldn’t that be a great Christmas gift?

For years, California struggled through drought. Why not be pro-active and make your home, environmentally-friendly? There are many ways for you to create a green home.

You could start with solar panels. California receives plenty of sunshine. You can store the solar energy in batteries, then sell it back to the state utilities. No more worries of brown outs when you control your own energy.

Water usage might be better controlled with better faucets, toilets and a tankless water heater. This way, you don’t have to worry about any future restrictions. You can investigate different Energy Star appliances. You might qualify for both federal and state rebates.

And, how can your wife show up for those “red carpet” events in Hollywood without a proper wardrobe? You know the top models have special lighting, mirrors and closets. A walk-in closet should be a requirement for all Beverly Hills homes.

Are you ever tired after a long day, at work? Do you have a Jacuzzi? Why not install a hot tub and workout gymnasium in your unfinished basement? You could use a California Home Equity Line of Credit to pay for it all.

You could also invest in a high-tech home security system. You can monitor these from work, using your smart phone. Give your family, peace of mind, so they can sleep better at night.

California Housing Market

home equityThere are more than 39,000,000 residents of California. You can live in the mountains, forests or desert in California. The state is also the #1 agricultural area for the United States.

When you look up the median home values for March 7, 2017 on Zillow, you will find that for California, the price was $487,700. The median Zillow Home Value Index (ZHVI) for Fresno was $197,100 and for Los Angeles was $585,100. The ZHVI for San Francisco was $1,104,000.

California Banks Offering Home Equity Line of Credit

“California Dreamin’ ” is only possible when you have enough money in your pockets to make it a reality. You spend a lot of time in your home, it is your most expensive asset. Why not upgrade it to luxury standards?

californiaThe process for comparing amongst lenders has never been easier. They will publish their interest rates and tell you how much your monthly payment will be. Here are a few of the California banks offering the Home Equity Line of Credit: California Bank & Trust, First Bank, ThirdFederal and Union Bank.

Once you find the right HELOC, you can make those essential home repairs. You can always find something else to fix. Get your golden Home Equity Line of Credit today.

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